Jewish Women's Circle invites you to

"Journey Back to Spain"

Concert with Rivka Amado

November 20, 2010 at 7:30pm
at the home of Donna Greenwall
25 Crocker Avenue, Piedmont

Great Entertainment, Delicious Light Sephardic Buffet, and Socializing

Couvert: $18


Sephardic women have been central in preserving the Sephardic culture
since the Jewish expulsion from Spain over 500 years ago. In spite of
repeated uprootings, one thing was constant: Ladino language and
song. Come hear of a tradition which address the eternal concerns
of all peoples: love, relationship and spirituality.

Rivka Amado comes from a prominent Sephardic family that migrated to the Balkans after the expulsion. Born in Israel, she grew up in a Ladino speaking home where she learned traditional melodies from her grandmother. Through her singing, Rivka helps to keep alive the glorious Sephardic heritage. She has a PhD from the University of Toronto and she has taught at Bar Ilan University, Stanford and Princeton.

Rivka Amado mixes cultural narrative and classical Ladino songs. She is
accompanied by guitarist Joel Siegel.