Seder in a Box

Due to the coronavirus, the community Passover Seder is unfortunately canceled. To ensure that every Jew is able to conduct their own Seder, we will be distributing “Seder in a Box”.

Each Seder in a Box includes:

  • A bottle of wine
  • Handmade Shmurah Matzah
  • A Passover Haggadah with English translation 
  • A Seder plate
  • The Six Seder Plate items (zeroa, hard boiled egg, horseradish, charoset, parsley, and romaine lettuce)
  • Gefilte fish with salad
  • Brisket entrée with sides
  • Chocolate covered macaroons

This project is generously sponsored. Limited quantity available.

Pickup is available at Chabad starting April 6.