Keynote Address by Devorie Kreiman

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Devorie Kreiman, MA Ed, served as principal of Bais Rebbe Junior High School
in Los Angeles for 12 years. She is an educational consultant and leader of
teacher training workshops in Los Angeles and New York, and is the author of
The Bas Mitzvah Notebook.

Her personal journey through challenge and loss has led her to develop a “user
friendly” understanding of the Torah approach to human resilience and growth.

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Musical Performance by Linda Michelle

Linda Michelle (Abrami) Schnitzer grew up in Berkeley but has lived in
Arizona since 1989. She is
a wife, mother of four, and a ten year stage III
breast cancer survivor. Linda is very active in the Phoenix Jewish community and
was honored as Woman of the Year by the National Council of Young Israel in 2007.

Linda has always loved to sing. Five years ago, she produced her first album.
She writes music, sings at private events, breast cancer fundraisers and
performs the National Anthem for many Arizona sports teams.