“You shall take for you on the first day (of Sukkos) the fruit of goodly trees (Etrog), branches of palm trees (Lulav), boughs of thick trees (myrtle), and willows...” Leviticus 23:40 .

• Observe this beautiful Mitzvah of the “Four Species” with a Lulav and Etrog set from Chabad!
• Our sets include premium Hadassim from Tzfat, and fresh, high quality Aravot!
• We will help you select and assemble your four species, or we can assemble them for you.
• Prices include the entire set - Lulav, Etrog, myrtle and willow.

Please feel free to call with any questions you may have about the Four Species or any other aspect of the Holidays, whether or not you choose to buy an Etrog and Lulav set from us.

Price is $36 per set