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Have you always wondered about the meaning & reasons behind the Passover traditions & customs?

Would you like to explore how the Passover holiday can be spiritually relevant, bring inspiration & enrich our lives in today's world?

Join Rabbi Dovid Labkowski for an all new Holiday lecture series in preparation for the upcoming holiday of Passover.
At Chabad, 3008 Lakeshore Ave, OAkland

Wednesday, March 29:

* Physical & Spiritual Passover Prep

* Achieving Freedom: The Kabbalistic perspective
Overview of the Laws of Passover. Ask the Rabbi any Passover Questions you have.

Wednesday, April 5:

* Mystical Insights into The Seder & The Haggadah

* Explore the spiritual meaning behind different passages in the Haggadah.
Go through the Seder step-by-step and explore the meaning behind each step, its traditions and customs.
Focus on central themes of Passover and how they enrich and inspire our lives today.

Coffee, Tea and refreshments will be served.
Free of charge, donations are welcome.