Inspiring Judaism through the Universal Language of the Arts!

Hebrew School of The Arts has focuses on educating children through art and drama, enabling them to experience the ideas and ideals which are taught in a creative and personal manner. As a trend setter in Jewish education, our innovative program will inspire a love for our rich ancient heritage through the self-expression of modern-day art.

Our students, (preschool through 8th grade) gain an appreciation for the joys, values and traditions of our heritage as it is vividly brought to life by the dedicated and enthusiastic teachers whose creativity and dynamism make every lesson a unique learning experience.

At our Hebrew School, we strive to stress the beauty and warmth of Judaism and its Mitzvot (precepts). At our Hebrew School, an area of particular emphasis is in the inculcation of Jewish values and ethics. Mutual tolerance and respect for fellow human beings are taught as basic principles of the Jewish faith. Nurtured with these values, our students grow into informed adults who will shape our communities and our world in years to come.

By year's end, along with Hebrew literacy and a meaningful understanding of Judaism, your child will have developed a deep love and appreciation for their precious heritage, imbuing their every day with a sense of pride and purpose. Register today to ensure a more Jewish tomorrow! Register online or call Shulamis Labkowski at (510) 545-6770.