Large Temple Style Menorah


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SILVER-PLATED “TEMPLE” STYLE: Triangle shaped branches form “v” shapes with the shamash at center, mimicking the classic Temple menorah look. Silver plating is illuminated by oil flames.
A TIMELESS TRADITION: The menorah features a classic traditional design, and meets all halachic requirements. Celebrate the holiday and light up the night!
QUALITY CRAFTED: Made with premium grade materials, and high quality construction, our menoras stand sturdy and upright while keeping candles or glass cups steady for safe use.
CLASSIC CHANUKA GIFT: There is no better way to celebrate the festival of lights than with a beautiful Menorah. This makes the perfect Judaic present.
​SIZE: 14″ Wide x 18″ High. Cup size: 1.25”. Fits oil cups and pre-filled Ohr lights (size medium and large). Fits large, thick candles, including Shabbat and tapered candles. *CUPS, CANDLES AND OIL SOLD SEPARATELY.