Schedule of Services

Weekday Services:

Shacharis Morning Services: 7:00am Monday through Friday.

Shabbat Services

To emulate our creator who rested on the seventh day, we invigorate our spiritual sensitivities by setting aside our mundane, earthly labors from dusk on Friday to evening on Saturday.

Shabbat is a time when intellectual exchange and family warmth trump the travail of the tedious week. Together, over challah and wine, we refresh our interpersonal relationships, take stock of the elements of our life that truly enrich us and renew our sense of spiritual purpose.

Friday evenings
Kabbalat Shabbat • 7:30pm
Followed by Kiddush and Seudat Shabbat. To reserve click on ‘Kabalat Shabbat’ here.

Shacharit • 10 am
Kriat Hatorah • 11 am
Musaf • 12 pm
Followed by a sumptuous hot Kiddush luncheon.
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