Mini Chefs join together to cook and bake delicious kosher food! From challah and soup, to babka and pizza, Mini Chefs learn about mitzvahs and Jewish traditions through the foods they create. Mini Chefs classes are Covid-safe. They are the perfect recipe for teaching children cooking – essential lifelongContinue Reading

Let’s glow crazy and light up the world! It’s a glow-in-the dark dance party complete with glowing cupcake decorating and a glowing dreidel spinoff. Darkness will be totally transformed!Continue Reading

Join us for an incredible TGIS Shabbat Dinner as CTeen worldwide unites to celebrate this one special Shabbat together. The weekend of Nov. 12 is the international CTeen TGIS (Thank G-D It’s Shabbat) event where all chapters around the world will be celebrating this Shabbat together in their own location.Continue Reading

Celebrate a great year of Cteen Oakland with an amazing end of year event! Let’s Bake Challah! Everything You Knead to Know Create Collage Artwork * Enjoy a Delicious Dinner Win Amazing Raffle Prizes  * Celebrate Your Jewish Pride FREE OF CHARGE! RSVP Required! For Jewish Teens ages 13-17Continue Reading