To make a huge impact, all we need is one action. Putting on tefillin. Lighting Shabbat candles. Or just a simple act of kindness. In honor of the Rebbe’s birthday, our community is uniting in a whole new way—with a mitzvah campaign. Each of us will do ONE thing. ShareContinue Reading

Leave a Lasting Legacy and ensure the growth of Judaism in our community for generations to come.   Leaving a portion of your estate to Chabad is the simplest way to reduce estate taxes and easiest way to leave a legacy. This is your moment to hold hands across the generations.Continue Reading

We Did It! Thank you so much to all of those who have already contributed to our annual end-of year campaign. You went the extra mile to help. You are awesome! If you haven’t already participated, please take advantage of this incredible opportunity! This past year has been a difficultContinue Reading