Shavuot Schedule of Events & Services

May 26-27, 2023

Thursday, May 25
  Shavuot Eve  
    Morning Services 7:00am
    Candle Lighting 8:02pm
    Holiday Services 8:30pm
    Shavuot Dinner & Tikun 9:00pm
Friday, May 26
  Shavuot Day 1  
    Holiday Services & Kiddush 10:00am
    Shavuot Party & Reading of 10 Commandments 5:30pm
    Candle Lighting 8:03pm
    Shabbat Services & Shabbat Meal 8:00m
Shabbat, May 27
  Shavuot Day 2  
    Holiday Services 10:00am
    Yizkor followed by Kiddush 11:30am
    Holiday Ends 9:08pm