Shmini Atzret/Simchat Torah Schedule

Following the seven joyous days of Sukkot, we come to the happy holiday of Shemini Atzeret/Simchat Torah. Yizkor, the memorial for the departed, is also said on this day. The second day is known as Simchat Torah, during which we complete and immediately begin the annual Torah reading cycle. This joyous milestone is marked with dancing, traditionally following seven circuits known as hakafot, as the Torah scrolls are held aloft.

Simchat Torah: Sept 27-29, 2021

Tishrei 21-23

Monday, Sept 27
Hoshana Rabba/
Shmini Atzeret Eve  


Candle Lighting:



  Evening Service / Hakafot 7:00pm
Tuesday, Sept 28
Shmini Atzeret
  Morning Services 10:00am
  Yizkor 11:30am
  Kiddush Luncheon 12:30pm
  Candle Lighting after 7:35pm
  Evening Services 7:30pm
  Simchat Torah LIVE 7:30pm
Wednesday, Sept 29
Simchat Torah
  Morning Services 10:00am
  Kiddush & Hakafot 11:00am
  Holiday Ends 7:33pm

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Platinum $1000 / Holiday Sponsor $1800