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Unity for Israel

7 Things You Can Do for Israel Now

Help by taking an action from this list, and by sharing it with family, friends and colleagues

The updates from Israel are deeply distressing.

More than 1,400 people murdered, thousands injured, and over 220 individuals abducted by terrorists.

In the coming days, our heroic IDF soldiers may go into Gaza to save the abducted and combat the terrorists.

In this critical time, we all ask:

What can I do for Israel? How can I help my brothers and sisters in the Holy Land?

There is much we can do, no matter how distant we are geographically.

The Torah teaches us (and history has repeatedly demonstrated to us) that the physical protection of each one of us — and, indeed, our very collective destiny! — is intrinsically connected to our spiritual activism.

When we pray or dedicate a good deed to our brothers and sisters in Israel, we create a spiritual defense shield for them that will help them through difficult and dangerous times.

In that vein, we’ve gathered some of the directives that the Rebbe, shared with the Jewish people worldwide during other times of challenge; positive action we can each take for Israel and its people.

Here goes:

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