Mrs. Shulamis Labkowski Co-Director and Preschool Director  Born and raised in NYC in a home that was open to all as the natural way of life. After graduating from Bais Rivkah High School, she received a Teacher’s Diploma in Education from the Machon Shoshanat Yerushalayim Teachers Seminary in Jerusalem, graduatingContinue Reading

Rav Dovid Labkowski Shlita Dayan & Moreh Tzedek | דיין ומורה צדק Born and raised in New York City, Rav Labkowski received his Bachelor of Talmudic Law (BTL) and Master of Rabbinic Studies (MRb) law degrees from the Central Yeshiva Tomchei Tmimim Lubavitz in Brooklyn. He received his Rabinical OrdinationContinue Reading

Yosef Osdoba Rabbi-in-traning Born and raised in Anlaby, United Kingdom, Yossi grow up in a home of a community Rabbi where he was imbued with a sense of mission and purpose to share his love for Judaism with fellow Jews. He studied in Yeshivot in London and New York andContinue Reading

Ms. Devorah Leah Osdoba Teacher at Gani Preschool and Hebrew School of the Arts If you would like to contact Devorah Leah please click here.